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Welcome to AM.CO.ZA AccuWeld, where we redefine the boundaries of fiber laser welding technology. Experience unparalleled precision, efficiency, and power with our state-of-the-art welding solutions. Let’s shape the future of welding together.

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Pure, Clean, Cold Compressed Air Quality is Key

For optimal performance and longevity of your laser lens, it’s crucial to use compressed air with a refrigerated air dryer. This setup is necessary to maintain a specific flow rate of 40L/m, a Dew Point below 3°C, and a pressure of 4 Bar. These conditions provide the cold, dried, and cleaned air source vital for protecting your laser lens.
Read Our Full Article on Fiber Laser Air Quality Requirements.


AccuWeld Products

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LW-PORTABLE/1000 LW-PORTABLE/1000 AccuWeld 1000W Fiber Laser Hand-held Laser Welding & Cutting Machine (LaserMaster -Dedicated) for Metal Plates 0.5mm to 2mm Thickness, 220V,, Welding Wire Feeder R 257 633.35 Out of Stock
LW-PORTABLE/1500 LW-PORTABLE/1500 AccuWeld 1500W Fiber Laser Hand-held Laser Welding & Cutting Machine (LaserMaster -Dedicated) for Metal Plates 0.5mm to 3.5mm Thickness, 220V,, Welding Wire Feeder R 154 133.35 In Stock
LW-PORTABLE/2000 LW-PORTABLE/2000 AccuWeld 2000W Fiber Laser Hand-held Laser Welding & Cutting Machine (LaserMaster -Dedicated) for Metal Plates 0.5mm to 6mm Thickness, 220V,, Welding Wire Feeder R 269 133.35 In Stock (Only 3 Left)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are these Sublimation Products Shipped / Delivered?

    We have stock at our warehouse in Gauteng, and we courier from here via a shipping company as with any of our other machines and products.

    You are also welcome to come have a coffee, at our new Sunnyrock headquarters and collect in person Gauteng. 

  • Is AM.CO.ZA a South African company?

    AM.CO.ZA has been operational in South Africa since 2013. Our main 6000m2 warehouse and headquarters is located in the heart of Gauteng, South Africa supported by our Cape Town branch based in Montague Gardens. 

    We stock and sell a large variety of printing and cutting machinery ranging from Vinyl cutters, Laser cutters, Plasma cutters, CNC routers, Large format printers, related consumables and so much more.

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